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We create, produce and sell airboats. So, we are fully responsible for their quality .

Airboat is a "river crossover". It's a new type of a low-weight high-speed boat, that use aerodinamic power. "Aerotrade-Irtusk" ,ltd. is the developer and manufacturer of these modern, unique off-road and all-weather boats. It can easily transport you to the places, that can't be reached by any other type of vehicle.

Airboat (hovercraft) is a safe and easily-operated boat, that can be used for sports, fishing and hunting, searching and geological exploration purposes. Hovercrafts are also used in gold mining industry - they can carry metals, food, drugs and transport people.Power plant of the boat is equipped with a fiberglass or carbon screw. It was specially created for getting to hard-to-reach places and snowy territories.

Aviation technologies are widely used in production of airboats. The hull of our hovercraft is inflatable. It is made of PVC material, thus it's relatively low-weight and flexible. The bottom is protected by special reinforced "scales" which is a great advantage if compare with other inflatable boats.

All our airboats are tested in different weather conditions. They are safe and easy to operate. Hovercrafts that weight 200-500kg can glide with 500-1000kg cargo on the board. Gliding speed on water can reach 110km/h, as for the snow surface- it can be up to 140km/h. Fuel consumption is between 10 and 25 liters of gasoline per hour (depends on modification). The choice of the hovercraft is usually made according to traction power and speed.

Main benefits of the airboat (hovercraft) against other water-vehicles are reinforced scales on the bottom, as it was mentioned before, and the position of engine with the screw - they are on the boat, not under it. This fact greatly increses passableness, and makes it possible for the boat to move by any sufaces like low-water rivers, rapids,swamps, canes, snow or ice. The hull of the hovercraft is made of several tubes divided into several sections. Even if one or more of them are torn the boat won't sank.

One more advantage is than the airboat can be easily dissasembled and packed into several boxes.

Our technology is approved by years of experience, but all new developments are always properly tested in different weather conditions and terrain types.

We always welcome new clients, people who like extreme, hunters, fishermen and everyone who is interested in our products. We are sure you will have no emotions to compare with, when you try this unique type of vehicle!

We are the manufacturers , so we are fully responsible for high quality of our products. We always fulfill our responsibilities on guarantee and service operations for our clients. Our hovercrafts will allow you to see a different world, new amazing places you could never reach before. You will be able to get to the most cherished and untouched fishing places. We are sure, that once you try our airboats, you'll fall in love with them forever. Our greatest advantage is the highest quality of our products.

Sincerely yours, Aerotrade team.